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Mask LED

530,00 +iva

The treatment with the innovative Led mask guarantees a natural bio-restructuring, directly fighting the damage caused from aging through the emission of monochromatic light without thermal effect.
The photons emitted by light carry the necessary energy to the cell, to give rise to a series of different reactions: damaged or compromised cells can be repaired, mitotic cells can be induced to a higher level of replication, or cells with specific functions perform their task more quickly, correctly and effectively.

This innovative technological Led mask represents an innovative solution in terms of:
• Remodeling and reduction of the depth of wrinkles.
• An improvement of the skin texture thanks to the increase of collagen and fibroblasts and to the improvement of the electrical mechanisms in the skin.
• An increase in skin tone through cell turnover at all levels of the epidermis.
• Better oxygenation and a greater nutritional supply for a more toned and renewed epidermis thanks to the increase in local blood circulation
• Reduction of skin hyperpigmentation.

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