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ELECTRO EL 2018 is a latest generation electrostimulator and a revolutionary product with advanced technology specially designed for toning and for the improvement of muscle mass and tissue.
Proven test results ensured maximum value for the product as a whole.

The system is equipped with various functions:

1. Slimming of small fat areas.
2. Improve the tone of the various muscle groups.
3. Computerized faradic stimulation of the breast and body.
4. Treat cellulite on thighs, ankles, knees, stomach, buttocks, hips, buffalo hump and arms: stimulating and improving muscles and tissue through contraction.
5. Tones the muscles and micro muscles that support the dermis.

Main features

1. 10 groups of electrodes and 1 pair of electrodes for the breast area
2. 8 varieties of independent low frequency waveforms to allow muscles to perform different forms of exercise.
3. An excellent printed circuit to ensure that all electrodes can work together but with different energies
4. To improve blood circulation by improving metabolism.
5. Carry out weight loss programs through stimulation with bio-current.

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