The beauty is the result of a delicate balance between inner and outer well-being.

Factors such as pollution, hectic lifestyle and eating disordered mark our body and it is in this field that the wellness professionals come into play to provide equipment for beauty treatments aimed at restoring this delicate relationship.

Futura Benessere well-being, which for more than 20 years working in this sector, has managed to establish fruitful collaborations with market leaders in order to offer its customers cutting-edge cosmetic and aesthetic best equipment such as, for example, focused ultrasound, the Cryolipolysis and integrated pressure therapy with infrared and electrostimulation.
The business consultants Futura Benessere are available to the wellness professionals to help them develop their business with targeted marketing and communication strategies to grow and retain its customers, in addition to specific training for managers and staff who daily interact with an ever more careful and aware.

Futura Benessere provides a 360° consultancy supporting wellness centers, beauty salons and spas to choose the products that best fit their business model.



Revolutionary combination of five technologies: bipolar radiofrequency, ultrasound, infrared, vacuum and mechanical massage of the tissue using pulsed suction and massage with rollers.


The laser diode 808 nm represents the new frontier definitive epilation entrusted to the laser technology. The apparatus in fact generates a laser beam of a particular wavelength (808nm)..


Radiofrequency Aesthetics is a highly innovative technology used in the treatment dell’antiaging and sagging skin. The mechanism of action is based on a specific physical principle..

H.I.F.U. 500

HIFU is a new technology that allows for non-invasive and non-surgical facelift, working with different depths makes a denaturation of the superficial dermis and deep.


Oxygen is a completely natural element, the air we breathe, which is perfectly integrated into the deepest parts of the organism.


The laser energy penetrates safely and without any pain or discomfort, in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, creating transient pores that do not damage the fat cells, but in the meantime let the fat out.


So far to attack the fat was used in technologies that somehow produce immediate heat and destruction of fat cell with related issues then overload..


The bodypress equipment is the combination of three different methodologies that bind each other to obtain performance altamennte results. Pressure therapy, infrared and electro..


Thanks to the effectiveness of cavitation system and reverse osmosis system Lipolytic you can find the line and the skin firmness without undergoing invasive surgical aesthetic treatments.


Every woman knows that among the most common aesthetic problems of cellulite has the role of leader. There are many methods to counter the advance of the imperfection..


The M8 laser is a laser for the removal of tattoos mainly characterized by an excellent optical pointer system, and a computerized control system for the part..


This equipment uses an advanced system with a precise digital control, with unique energy, with procedures and simple operation. And ‘patented technology and unique in its field.


The new technology is very effective on wrinkles, tighten skin, eliminate a post effect of acne and can dissolve body fat, body sculpture.

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