CAVITATION - Reverse Osmosis

There is now a new treatment in the field of aesthetic medicine for resolving the widespread and unsightly problem of deposits of adipose tissue in certain regions of the body: a method which guarantees extremely effective results.

The technology for this type of treatment was based on a long and complex research programme: it exploits the action of ultrasound on the body, so revolutionising the classic concept of “cavitation”.

As the result of a collaborative effort between the team of engineers and researchers at the Futura and certain specialised university research laboratories, it has been possible to design and create a very sophisticated medical device specifically intended for treating deposits of adipose tissue.

The system represents the ultimate evolution of the captivation method, employed alongside a special form of ultrasound treatment called Inverse Ultrasound Osmosis – Captivation.

The use of ultrasound waves in the context of aesthetic treatments, and in particular to effectively remove adipose tissue, now represents the most innovative and advanced technology in the sector of medical and professional aesthetic care.

It results from a research project which has involved private industry in collaboration with certain university research centres engaged in the field of non-invasive aesthetic treatments.
To be more precise, the use of Inverse Ultrasound Osmosis in the treatment of localised adipose tissue increases the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane, allowing the triglyceride content to disperse, with a consequent loss of adipose tissue.

This constitutes a safe, risk-free method for removing adipose deposits and for reinstating a pleasant, well-balanced body-shape, with added physical and psychological advantages.

It is a revolutionary technology that exploits a band of ultrasound waves checked by microprocessor to effectively reduce localized adiposity

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