The instrument uses advanced precise digital logic control system and unique energy unit, perfectly simple procedures, with simple operation. It has absolute advantage of patented technology, which makes it a leading instruments among all similar ones.

The whole treatment process works on the skin surface. No matter how the vascular condition is, the result is quite remarkable and effective during a single treatment , no swelling, no scab , does not rebound for the whole life. Such a way avoids the damage to normal skin tissue after optical equipment treatments.

The treatment is comfort and convenient, do not affect the normal life and work of the guests.

30000 KHz UHF electromagnetic energy output by unique energy unit is instantly emitted through terminal of the treatment pin. The released energy will be conducted into the deeper skin (below the surface) to crush hemoglobin of subsided lesions in 0.5 milliseconds and thus make it possible to be absorbed by skin tissue itself.

The space they occupied is taken by the new growing skin tissue. So this treatment will be effective for a lifetime and never rebound, reaching an effect of one-time permanent eradication of vascular lesions. Hemoglobin has Oxygen-carrying feature which makes vascular looks red. Once it is crushed, the oxygen molecules are released, the redness receded instantly, so that our customers can see the immediate effect that vascular lesions are eradicated.

Every time treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. Because vascular has two structures of trunk and branch, you must firstly start from small branch lesions, and then the trunk lesions, which will completely eradicate all the lesions.

Applicable to all types of vascular: spider web -like vascular, varicose veins, linear vascular, etc..

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