The new technology is very effective on wrinkles, tighten skin, eliminate a post effect of acne and can dissolve body fat, body sculpture.
The latest RF technology eliminate the shortcomings of past radio, in the most efficient radio frequency energy and, through two, three or 6 electrode points, effectively and expeditiously to transfer energy to the derma and subcutaneous tissue, focuses on objectives and the core treatment without causing harm to any other parts of the body, the safe and efficient.
In the course of treatment, electrode polarity and frequency can freely change so a results in more intensive radio frequency energy distribution, deep and significant treatment effects, and more praise and more wide range of treatment.
In connection with the biological cold photon enhanced therapeutic effect, red light can activate skin, blu-ray purify skin, green light stimulating the microcirculation of the skin.

This is a Radiofrequency with high performance and you can operate in different parts of the body. It is pain-free, safe and efficient with a touch-screen control, more simple and straightforward to operate.

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