Treatment with the innovative mask Led ensures natural bio-restructuring, fighting directly the damage caused by aging by emitting a monochromatic light without thermal effect.
The photons emitted by the light leading to the cell the energy necessary to give rise to a series of different reactions: damaged or compromised cells can be repaired, Mitotic cells can be induced to a higher level of replication, or cells with specific functions perform their task more quickly, correctly and effectively.

This innovative technological mask Led represents an innovative solution in terms of:
• Remodeling and decrease the depth of wrinkles.
• An improvement of the skin texture thanks to the increase of collagen and fibroblasts and improvement of electrical mechanisms in the skin.
• An increase of skin tone through a cell renewal to all epidermis levels.
• A better oxygenation and a higher nutrient supply for a skin more toned and renewed thanks to the increase of local blood circulation
• Reduction of hyper-pigmentation.
Side effects of photo-bio-stimulation are practically zero and there are no seasonal restrictions or the skin type. The advantages should be mentioned also the non-invasiveness of treatments, their speed of execution and the immediacy with which the results become visible.
In summary treatment with the LED mask uses the natural energy of light to stimulate, regenerate, balance and detoxify the skin cells, without side effects, without heat and
without pain.

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