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Oxygen is a completely natural element found in the air we breathe and which reaches even the deepest points of the organism.

It is a valuable resource and essential to the life of the cells of our body, where it favours metabolic exchanges in the tissue.

Pure hyperbaric oxygen is now used for state-of-the-art professional therapeutic treatment of the face and body.

Its restructuring and purifying action makes it ideal for resolving many skin-related problems, even in those areas of the face that are more sensitive and difficult to treat, effectively combating the physical effects of stress, age and imperfect blood circulation
Designed and created by the research and development team of Futura in cooperation with DermaOxy – Danemark – Oxypro Age, the sophisticated and revolutionary hyperbaric oxygen technology, combines the action of hyperbaric treatment with particular cosmetic active ingredients to guarantee excellent results within a short period of time, revitalising the skin of the face and body to restore its elasticity, shine and purity.

The hyperbaric oxygen applied with the device Oxypro Age produced by Futura works in perfect harmony with the superior nanostructured properties of the cosmetics, targeting and acting deep down in the affected tissue.

The dual action of the hyperbaric therapy and the regenerative ingredients guarantees a satisfactory result and perfect skin on the face.

Through a mineral filter, this sophisticated technology is able to filter out nitrogen and carbon dioxide from room air and deliver pure oxygen directly onto the skin through a special oxygen pressure applicator


Oxygen is an entirely natural gas found in the air we breathe and is essential to the nature and life of each cell that makes up our body, where it integrates perfectly to favour metabolic exchanges in the tissue and to help keep the entire organism in good health.
Valuable and indispensable, oxygen is currently used in its pure state as an effective form of beauty treatment also for hair, due to its powerful restructuring and revitalising action which bestows health and vitality to the tissue.
Designed, created and tested by the aesthetic medicine team of Futura and Derma Oxy – Danmark , the OxyFlow technology, which aims to maintain the health and beauty of hair, combines the dual action of Dermo Infusion Oxygen with specific cosmetic serums intended for use with this special type of equipment.

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