New Body Shape 4

Body Shape is a revolutionary combination of FIVE technologies:

1) Bipolar Radiofrequency;
2) Infrared Laser;
3) Mechanical Massage tissue using pulsed suction;
4) Massage with rollers;
5) Ultrasound.

This technology has proved in years of applications and studies, particularly effective in the remodeling of the entire body and how great help to the laxity of the body and face, including the eye contour area.

The synergistic combination of infrared laser (940 nm) combined with the Vacuum with the release of energy given by the radio frequency, is the cause of a considerable increase in oxygenation of the intracellular and tissue heating. This not only causes an increase of the collagen and cell metabolism, but also a lipolysis by the metabolic breakdown of fat with a consequent decrease in the size of fat cells. Particularly effective also in the treatment of the surface of the upper eyelid.

The mechanical manipulation given by the depression of the vacuum rolls and allows greater penetration of heat and energy, data from infrared and radio frequency, fails to reach the dermis and hypodermis. In fact, the infrared comes to 2 mm deep and the radio frequency up to 20 mm.


1) Dark circles, bags and wrinkles around eye area;
2) Raising the upper eyelids and reduce wrinkles;
3) The modeling of the body after even after a pregnancy;
4) reduction of waist circumference;
5) generalized obesity, localized adiposity, laxity;
6) Relieving pain from arthritis;
7) Improve stretch marks;
8) Adiposity and Cellulite edematous.

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